Accessories for tracer gas leak detection

Pfeiffer Vacuum offers a wide range of accessories for our leak detectors. Those accessories should help you to simplify the operation of your leak detector and optimize your leak detection process. Please contact us should you have questions or special requirements.

Accessories for operation of your leak detector

  • Remote control
  • External interface options
  • Free software
  • ASM Pocket – Smartphone App
  • ASM View – Windows Tool

Accessories for leak location

  • Sniffer probes
  • Sniffing calibration accessory
  • Helium spray guns

Process equipment & tooling

  • Bombing chambers
  • Test chambers
  • Bypass options
  • Locking clamp
  • Inlet filters

Calibrated Leaks

  • Calibrated leak
  • Gas line type calibrated leak

Mobility & Transport

  • Carts
  • Transportation case (ASM 310)
  • Bottle holder

Periphery vacuum equipment

  • Backing pumps
  • Pump accessories (filters, etc.)
  • Valves & piping
  • External gauges
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