Semiconductor factories

Many high-tech products only exist thanks to the semiconductor industry. Without it, the memory chips and processors used in modern communication devices could not be produced. For their manufacturing process, extremely clean vacuum conditions are needed and have to be monitored precisely.

Pfeiffer Vacuum Leak Detector ASM 390 at work in a semiconductor factory
Pfeiffer Vacuum Leak Detector ASM 390

A leak test is conducted in form of a measurement of pressure rise after having maintained a semiconductor production facility – known as “fab”. Only if the tightness of the system is approved, the process is being released. If the pressure rise is larger than a defined threshold value, the fab is closed and the leak detection started to localize a leak and repair it. With its broad service portfolio, Pfeiffer Vacuum provides optimal support by experts – even for on-site leak detection. Take a glance at a typical on-site service of one of our service engineers.

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