Research & Development

Leak Testing in Research and Development has a broad range of requirements.

The main reason for that is the broad range of applications within this field. Those start with the leak check of simple experiments at the university level and go up to the leak testing of big particle accelerators such as CERN in Switzerland. For more specific examples, please have a look at the application reports on the right.

Key challenges in this field

Due to sensitivity of the experiments that are performed in this field, the leak rate requirements are usually very strict and based on the costs of the equipment, the option to localize and repair leaks is often very important.

  • High sensitivity of the leak test methods / instruments
  • Possibility to locate leaks to be able to repair the equipment
  • High reliability and accuracy of the leak test equipment


Pfeiffer Vacuum solutions

The major part of our Research & Development customers are using our Helium and Hydrogen tracer gas solutions, specifically our versatile ASM 340. When a portable solution is required, the ASM 310 is the main model of choice. For high performance requirements, we offer our ASM 390 and 392 leak detectors.

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