About us

Pfeiffer Vacuum is one of the world’s leading providers of vacuum and testing solutions with over 50 years of leak detection experience. The product portfolio includes: vacuum pumps, measurement and analysis devices, components as well as vacuum chambers and high performance detection systems.

Our know-how
Pfeiffer Vacuum unites the leading pioneers in the field of leak detection. In 1966 our colleagues in France invented the first commercial helium leak detector. Only two years later, Pfeiffer Vacuum in Germany introduced the counter flow principle which until today still is the basis for nearly all modern tracer gas leak detectors. In 2017 we completed this strong team with the air leak testing experts from ATC (Advanced Test Concepts). Due to this combined expertise and broad portfolio Pfeiffer Vacuum is your perfect partner when it comes to all of your leak testing challenges.

State of the art in 1966: the ASM 4 from Alcatel

State of the art in 1966: the ASM 4 from Alcatel

Solution partner
For us, it is not just about selling products but providing solutions. That means we offer you technical assistance over the entire process, including feasibility tests and test implementation. Customers also benefit from our extensive product portfolio outside of leak detection that includes vacuum pumps, chambers and measurement instruments.

Furthermore, we maintain a partner network to support you in regards to fully automated solutions.

Pfeiffer Vacuum’s core strengths in leak detection:

  • Providing a one-stop shop for all your leak testing needs
  • Help you to define your leak tightness requirements
  • Providing engineering support to select the optimal and safest leak test solution for your application
  • Broad range of solutions – tracer gas and air leak detection with dedicated solutions for sealed products, as well as calibration services and complete vacuum portfolio with pumps, chambers and instruments
  • Complete integrated solution, including consulting and partner network for automated systems

We at Pfeiffer Vacuum are committed to your success and to reduce your risks during the leak test selection and operation.

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